Doors drafty and won't close?

Doors (and windows) are some of the worst areas in a home for energy loss. Doors with old or missing weather-stripping, thresholds that don't seal the bottom of the door any longer, latches that don't work correctly or even uninsulated glass in the door can really lead to energy loss.

With the new Energy Star rated wood grain fiberglass or smooth steel insulated entry doors that Jones Construction Services installs, you can be assured of a tighter home and you can add additional beauty to your home by choosing options like leaded or beveled glass.

Need to change other doors in your home? Jones Construction Services can handle that too. From repairing or replacing any interior/exterior door(s) to even those hard to open patio sliding glass doors, we can get it done.

Give Jones Construction Services a Call Today and schedule an appointment to see how we can help you save energy and transform the beauty of your home at the same time.

(Serving Delta County, Montrose and Grand Junction)

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